Traveling is oftentimes a great stress reliever, but it can also add a lot of stress as well. You see new things, revisit old favorites, try new food, it can be relaxing really. But to explore locally is a little different, however.

Exploring by definition is going somewhere you aren’t familiar with in order to become more familiar with that area. You might be thinking that you need to travel to a destination in order to really explore! Well, let me enlighten you.

I can pretty much guarantee there is at least one area within 20 miles of where you live that you haven’t explored yet.┬áMost people overlook where they live because there’s too much familiarity. These 5 reasons might help you get out and explore locally around your own home.


1. It’s Cheaper to Explore Locally

It’s obvious, but it’s true. Maybe it would be easier to explore and go on an adventure if you knew it was right around the corner. Day trips allow for no expenses on hotels and minimal gas. Bring your own food to save even more.


Waterfall in West Virginia


2. No Packing!

Yes! Enough said, next…

This probably seems like a small reason, but it actually is super convenient. One of the things I hate doing for long trips going from hotel to hotel is packing and unpacking. It just seems like a waste of time doing something over and over again. I’d rather take what I need and not have to worry about too much of one thing or worrying about forgetting something. No suitcases is awesome!


Andrew in New York City


3. You Can Bring A Friend

It’s going to be a lot more likely that someone will join you if you’re not going to the moon and back in one day. Even if you have a significant other, you can make it a group effort or couples’ date. If you like to go by yourself…well, at least there are 4 reasons you can explore locally.


Andrew in Scotland


4. Multiple Trips in One Day

Not only can you do more than one thing at a time, but if you want to come home and take a nap, feed the dog, read a chapter, whatever, you can do that too and then go out for more. Or, most likely, you forgot something and needed to go home and get it. It’s all right around the corner anyway so you won’t feel too stupid needing to go back and get your wallet or purse/clutch whatever…


Andrew Taking a Picture of Hailey


5. You Can Do it Wayyyy More Often

Probably the most important thing about exploring locally is being able to do it as often as you have the time. Because it’s cheap and easy to do, it’s also a lot of fun! You don’t have the guilt of splurging excessively on yourself or needing to worry about booking and check in times and rental dates and such.

Just do what you want when you want. Sleep in or get up early and see an awesome sunrise from somewhere you’ve never seen it before. Go hiking, camping, sleeping in the back of your Jeep, whatever you want! And it’s all super close to home in case of an emergency.

Hope these tips helped you think of ways you can explore locally! Let us know and comment your own thoughts and ideas.

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