If you are like us, then you constantly think of the next destination that you are going to travel to. You are tired of the day-in and day-out routine of showing up to work and living a predictable routine.

You are yearning for a mountain to climb, a sunset to capture, a story to tell (of how lost you were in an amazing city filled with culture), or simply, a cozy place to relax and have an unforgettable meal that you can still taste.

Traveling and exploring is so unique and creative. You can be whoever you want to be, as an explorer, sharing the wild!

Fernweh: An urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust.

Traveling isn’t always about driving or flying thousands of miles. Traveling is what you make it! You can even become a tourist in your own city! How many of you have actually stopped at the visitor center or museum where you live?

No more ruts.

We know how it feels to be stuck in a rut at work or in daily life. Traveling and exploring can be a perfect release for a stressful and mundane routine.

This is your right, as a human-being, to enjoy the world around you! Take advantage of the time you have been given and live free.

Who we are 

We are a married couple that currently resides in a Virginia city, but calls Earth home.

Creating your own way of life? Yep, that is us!

You can often find us wandering the streets (looking for something we haven’t noticed before), off-roading to an epic hiking spot in my Jeep, or possibly just catching some quality time with friends and family in the country.

We spend time on what we believe in. This can fit in so many different categories….but we will always be candid with you and that is something we have always lived by.

Always be candid. 

Our lifestyle, choices, and decisions may not fit everyone and that is okay! That is exactly what makes us as a couple UNIQUE. We encourage you to embrace who you are, live it out, and enjoy every single second of life.

No U-turns, no looking back, and no settling, we are sharing the wild with you every step of the way. 

Traveling has been our escape from boredom. We know that we were put on this earth to inspire other’s to explore the world around them and to give them the tools to do so! We truly hope to do so much more with this business as new opportunities arise!

The sky is the limit! 

We want to connect you with the wild. We have found such happiness deep in the woods and over the cobblestone path. Life does not have to be predictable.

We love to unplug from the chaos and be present in the moment wherever we are. You can experience so much more when you open yourself to nature.

We have created our reality of travel and memories by smart budgeting and nothing else. We do not have any trust fund that was handed to us or travel connections with anyone.

Create your dream.

We no longer want to dream or wish we had a life of travel. We want to create a life that involves mostly traveling to discover new things! No, it did not happen overnight, but we found what worked for us and our budget and now we stick to it!

There are so many different financial voices in the world that scare you into never spending a dime on anything….but I believe you also have to put aside some of your funds to live a little. You will enjoy and cherish every single memory that you make.

To get to know us is pretty simple….we travel, we dig our cameras, major music fans, love movies, and search for funny youtube videos.

We love to laugh and are pretty sarcastic….well actually dry.


Why this? 


Why not!?

We would be crazy not to live out our passions and pursue them with everything in us! We love your support and are truly grateful to everyone that has planted a seed of excitement, encouragement, interest, and yearning for us to dive into making this business happen.

New here? 

Hello again! If you are just getting to know us, we greatly appreciate your interest in what we do and share for you to latch onto. We hope that you take the time to invest your support in us by staying connected on one or all of our social media platforms.

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