Luxurious and Adventurous Travel Designs

Growing up in a small town with no stop lights, nature was always at the forefront of my life. My husband and I have two kids and we claim my Jeep Wrangler as our third. I have such a passion for traveling, talking about trips, and experiencing new things with my loved ones. 

I always dreamed of owning my own business and crafting experiences, memories, and custom travels for individuals, families, and groups looking for a truly unique and personal experience. With me as your travel advisor, you will receive a private, custom, and detail-oriented service with personal touches throughout your entire experience. I will elevate every aspect of your future trips whether that be a couples getaway, a destination wedding, family or multi-generational vacations, wellness escapes or group tours!

Adventure and cultural immersions are at the forefront of my designs. I have worked in corporate America and have experienced burn out by not having the time to work and plan a thoughtful vacation for my family. I want to eliminate all the hassle, stress, and research it takes to plan an unforgettable vacation. I have personally been trained in customer service and hospitality. I’m not afraid to ask for the best experience for my clients. I advocate for you to be given VIP treatments at your stays and I solve problems behind the scenes, so you can always count on a seamless travel experience before, during, and after your trip. 

Savor the culture, go wild with the adventures, and embrace your loved ones for the memories.

Meet The Owner

There is so much too see and so little time to see it.

I design and plan luxurious, adventure-filled vacations for time-starved, families looking to reconnect and explore nature. My clients are nature loving, thrill seekers who are on the verge of burnout due to demanding careers and busy schedules. They love getting outside and being active, but have little free time to do so. When it comes to their vacations, with no free time to research and plan what they really want, they default to taking the same, plain vanilla trips that leave them feeling like they still need a vacation to satisfy their adventurous spirit.

That’s where I come in. I bring my undying passion for outdoor pursuits, my innate ability to layer in adventuresome activities into a seamless vacation. My insider collection of international connections deliver swoon-worthy itinerary that thrills, invigorates and refreshes the soul. My clients get to sit back and enjoy the seamless unfolding of adventure, thrills, and relaxation. My clients also get to alleviate the guilt they feel from working so many hours that leads to missing out on quality time with their kids. They get to feel the joy of reconnecting with them by participating in amazing activities that stimulate smiles, laughs, connection, and memories that will last forever. They return from their vacations refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on day-to-day life with renewed energy. Share the wild with your family by taking them on an unforgettable experience. 

Hailey Carter

Founder and Travel Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most about my services.
If I missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

Your custom itinerary is completely driven by you and your needs, passions, and desires. The process is dependent on how lengthy and complex the vacation will be. Estimated amount of time is a minimum of 1 week. 

Head over to my services page to learn more about the services I offer or check out my contact me page to jump right into your free consultation by having an engaging conversation on how Ican best suit your needs. 

When I’m your travel advisor you will get exceptional service before, during, and after your vacation. 

I provide honest advice about all accommodations and destinations to help you choose the perfect location and stay for you

You also benefit from my extensive personal VIP connections. I’m able to negotiate with my partners on your behalf to upgrade your experiences or to take care of any emergencies behind the scenes while you travel. 

You will get my cell phone number, direct email, and unparalleled time that is devoted to making your trip into swoon-worthy moments that will have your friends and colleagues wanting in!


While Sharing The Wild includes information in your   Welcome package about visa requirements, I do recommend that travelers check with their local embassy as visa rules can change without warning. The Embassy website will always have information about requirements, visa costs and will provide the required forms. Sharing The Wild is unable to assist in the actual application of visas, due to the traveler being responsible for obtaining this information directly.

Passports: Travelers are responsible for obtaining a VALID passport that will not expire within 6 months of their trip. 

Travel insurance is available and recommended to protect your travel investment. Travel insurance protects you from losing this investment in your travel plans. Lost luggage, bad weather, and transportation delays may also be covered. 

Trip interruption due to illness or unforeseen circumstances can be very expensive, and medical care abroad is often not covered by domestic insurance plans. Many countries now require medical insurance before entry. 

medical emergencies often happen while traveling. Without travel insurance you are on your own for any situation. 

Most hospitals overseas will not accept your domestic health insurance card. They want your credit card instead because they expect payment up front before you receive care. If you’re not prepared to pay all your medical bills out of pocket, you need travel insurance.

Cruise lines have especially tough cancellation policies. Delayed and cancelled flights are common and unforgiving.

Bottom line, peace of mind and extra protection is priceless!

Medical and vaccination requirements vary by location and Country. This expands beyond COVID-19 requirements and may include additional vaccines and other measures of safety beyond COVID-19 mandates and rules. Travelers utilizing Sharing The Wild services are fully responsible for obtaining proper vaccinations and medical measures to enter their desired destination. The traveler is responsible for ensuring they follow all entry rules to the country this includes proper testing for COVD-19 and other viruses/diseases, quarantining when required, and staying in the know about the changing atmosphere. 


I offer my services as a way to find you the best value for your money and provide you with an elite level of service bursting with personal touches, luxury, and private VIP amenities.

Often times I’m able to upgrade your travels with perks and experiences that are not offered to the general public. 

Sharing The Wild will attempt to cancel your trip in accordance to the booked Merchant’s policies. Sharing The Wild does not guarantee that the merchant will return the funds to the client, it will depend on the specific merchant and their policies on cancelling. The design fee and administration fees charged by Sharing The Wild for add ons and designing are non-refundable under all circumstances due to time spent planning, designing, and conversing with merchants on your behalf. Sharing The Wild will charge an administration  fee per our terms and conditions for any and all travel being cancelled. 

Determine the following:

  • Number of Travelers
  • Budget Range 
  • Style of Travel (adventure, relaxed, or maybe a mixture)
  • Top Locations in Mind