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I have been told so many times that we travel “too much” or that they wish they could travel as much as we do. Well, you see….you actually can travel as much as we do!

We do NOT make a crazy amount of money. We do have great incomes for our age and we are very thankful for that, but we did work very hard to achieve what we have.

We save money for rainy days and we make traveling a priority. That’s right, traveling is a priority for us.

We have implemented all of the steps below into making trips happen. We hope you can take some or even all of these steps into planning your next dream vacation.

1. Ensure you are traveling with no foreign transaction fees.  

a little disclaimer here….I do what works for me. Now, that may look different for you, but I will always share what has worked for me!

I do enjoy the great benefits of having a travel credit card. I love being able to pay off my balance in full every month while earning essential points that will get me traveling! Remember to be responsible and avoid carrying a balance.

When we traveled to the United Kingdom we used my Chase credit card and we avoided so many foreign transactions fees. These type of fees usually end up being around 3% per transaction. OUCH! Now that can really add up!

2. Search for travel bookings undercover!

Now we all, unfortunately, cannot be a spy…..but we can save a ton of money by searching for bookings in incognito or by a private browsing mode.

Have you ever been so angry that you searched all night for flights, hotels, or car rentals and the prices keep going up by the day or even the hour!? I know I have. I learned this trick and it has saved me hundreds of dollars by simply switching to incognito or private mode…..I didn’t realize how much that sounds like a Geico commercial until after I read it again haha.

Skyscanner  is a great tool to use in order to find great deals. We use this tool to uncover many hidden fares.

3. Travel in the offseason

You would be surprised how cheap you can find a beach property after Labor Day or a cheaper hotel right outside of a big city! I have always been huge on staying outside of the city to save money and boy it has saved me some serious cash.

It is very rare that I will pay over $100 for a hotel room and when I do it about breaks me haha. I try to stay way below that. I do not need the fancy room or flat screen tv. All I need is a place to rest my head and take a shower. You can find a ton of great deals by simply planning your trip when everyone else is not.

Traveling in the winter has many rewarding features too! Cozy cabins, snow-capped mountains, the crowds are gone, and many attractions will offer discounts since it is no longer peak season.

4. Sign up for e-mail alerts on flights

Patience – you can reap some amazing deals using this tricks. 

Sometimes I enjoy just randomly picking a destination and going. If you are into that or want to narrow down your search to a location and date – no worries many of these sign-ups will allow you to do that also. I have found some of my best travel deals by doing this…..the most recent deal was an email for tickets in May out of Philadelphia going to London for $430 a ticket!

That is a heck of a deal considering the time of year the flight was and the super convenient airport locations. Included in my ticket was a non-stop flight, a full-sized meal, snacks, drinks….alcohol was included also, a pillow, blanket, eye mask, and on top of all of that I got to pick my seats at the time of booking.

5Have a travel savings account

Every paycheck we get, we allocate a certain amount (that we are comfortable with), into that account that is strictly for traveling. This allows us to save up over time for a trip instead of dumping all of our vacation expenses onto a credit card or even worse, not even being able to take the trip.

6Cut out the extras in order to travel more

This is a huge step in the right direction for your traveling desires! Do you have a bunch of unnecessary expenses on auto-pay?

You may have forgotten about some of the subscriptions you have even signed up for.

The first step in the process of cutting out the extras is to categorize all of them into groups. I arranged my groups by having one for the expenses I enjoy, the expenses that make life easier, and then the expenses I gotta have.  I will give you some examples of the two polar opposite groups.

The expenses I enjoy that I can cut to save money: Netflix, Hulu, cable Tv, amazon prime, extra clothing, more shoes, drinks and eating out, etc.

The expenses I gotta have are as follows: Car insurance, internet, power bill, rent, life insurance, gas money, and the grocery bill, etc.

Now you can drastically reduce your monthly bills by cutting out some of the things that you do not need.

7. Drive a fuel efficient car

Andrew’s car is our go-to car for traveling long distance. He gets around 30 miles a gallon.

My Jeep, on the other hand, burns fuel like it is going out of style. We prefer to take my Jeep if we are going hiking or camping where the road is too treacherous or weather prevents us to use his car. My jeep allows us the freedom to travel more remote locations and the option to Jeep camp inside it.

We loved renting this fuel-efficient car for only $20 a day in the United Kingdom!

8. Save on food 

We all love to eat out and going to the fancy schmancy places on vacation. Okay, maybe not all of us but c’mon who is with me on the outrageous cost at some of the tourist traps…. like the seafood buffets that charge a crazy $30 plus per person!? That is insane!

I opt for mom and pop joints that provide a chance to see the REAL culture and local atmosphere of my travel destination. We love doing this and have experienced some really cool things by taking this step!

We have been given free whiskey in Scotland at a pub by befriending the bartender, to having afternoon tea with a Canadian couple we meet at a Castle in England….no lie!  We have made so many cool memories by being open to new things while traveling.

We pack a lot of healthy snacks while on road trips. This keeps our tummies satisfied and healthy. When buying your snacks at the grocery, opt for the store brand….typically it tastes the same and I save money!

Stocking up on some of our favorite pastries before we hit the road!

9. Shift your mindset 

Ready? Okay, one giant leap…..did you leap? C’mon….this is the last step for more travel freedom!

Think about every dollar that you spend. You need to know where it is going. I create a weekly budget and it does shift a little bit every week, but I know where every dollar is going. My money is serving a purpose and I want it to work for me.

Know that your money can take you places way cheaper than you think.

Some people will not agree with us or the measures that we take and that is okay!

This blog may not be for everyone and the steps you take to travel may not make sense to your friends and family.

For those of you that want to try something different or need advice, we are glad you have read this far!

This is one of the hardest steps in money management for traveling. If you are willing to take this step into taking your future into your hands, I’m so happy and pumped for you! I want to hear all about your travel plans!

What are some of your favorite travel hacks? We would love to hear some of your crafty hacks!


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