For pretty much my whole life, I have wanted to travel out of America and go overseas. Somewhere I had never been before. Try new foods, explore new scenery, experience a culture I had only read about…

This is my dream come true and Hailey and I had the privilege to go on our honeymoon to the U.K. and we explored all over going through England all the way up to Scotland and even through Wales!

For this post, I want to highlight one of my favorite parts of the trip which was a stop we made in England for a night.

Valley of the Rocks was awesome!

As you can see in the video above, the landscape over there is breathtaking! You really need to see it for yourself to truly enjoy it. Some of my favorite hiking and views I have explored by far.

When we pulled up in this particular hiking attraction, there was only one parking lot and you had to pay 2£ which is roughly $2.66 USD. The only problem is, this Car Park (as they call them in the U.K.) only accepted the British currency….which apparently we didn’t have enough of…

Not exactly like there’s going to be a bank right down the road. Fortunately, there is a quaint little shop right next to the parking lot where I was able to exchange my 10£ note for 10 £s in coins. Now we can legally hike!

The climb was a little steep in some places and the trail was a little narrow, but nothing two outdoorsy people like ourselves couldn’t handle. We’re posting soon about a hike we’ve done called Dragon’s Tooth, and Valley of the Rocks will pale in comparison, but it was still a little rougher than even we anticipated. I wasn’t wearing proper shoes as you can probably see in the picture, but it wasn’t too bad I suppose.

If you can ever make it out to England, this should definitely be one of your must see stops along the way. Hailey and I had the luxury of renting our own car so we could go wherever and whenever we wanted. A plus to not being in a guided tour. This made it very easy for us to explore and see so many wonderful places just like this one.

Something to consider when going here is the amount of people hiking and running around doing pretty much whatever they want to do which some of them were just being a little more dangerous than either of us wanted to see. Climbing all over the rocks there can be a little scary for not having proper hiking equipment and the locals seemed to not care if they were just inches from the edge. Our pictures don’t show the people because we were careful not to include them.

What’s really cool about the U.K. and about England in particular, is the amount of coast line and water you can find. There were so many cool shots of the water it’s hard to just pick a few. If you love video, you’ll especially love this hike as you can see in the teaser footage at the top of this post.

We saw wild mountain goats and plenty of birds (I am no birder so I can’t possibly name the different kinds). One of the shots above shows two seagulls flying towards the mountains which was a perfect way to show the scale on video since that usually gets distorted since a screen can do that no justice.

Hailey and I had a blast to say the least and it’s one adventure we’ll never forget!

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