Devil’s Marble Yard is a wild adventure tucked in the Virginia mountains.

Have you ever wanted to scale the side of a rock face, but never had the gear or even the money to try it out?

Has the wild west been calling your name, but you don’t have the funds to make it happen just yet?

Check this place out! This hike has captured a spot on my top hikes in Virginia list!  highly suggest adding this adventure to yours. I had no idea huge boulders existed in Virginia until I came across this stunning hike!

Hiking to the marble yard and back to the parking lot will have you on a 3-mile journey.

View from across Devil's Marble Yard into the valley below

PACK LIST (Day Hiking) for Devil’s Marble Yard

  • Daypack
  • Band-Aids (slips on the rocks are common)
  • Water
  • Camera
  • Shoes with traction
  •  A whole lot of smiling!

Need help wondering what travel gear you may need when conquering Devil’s Marble Yard? Check out our post Top Ranked, Affordable Travel Gear for our top picks!

Now you may be wondering, how many hours will it take to hike the trail and tackle Antietam Quartzite boulders larger than cars, you may ask? A strenuous, but exciting 4 hours. Keep in mind there are no bathroom facilities provided.

This trail is not marked very well. There is an information kiosk at the trailhead that I would suggest taking a moment to look at in order to plan out your route. The trail, to the boulder field, is not very steep.

The trail is suitable for pets and smaller children up until the boulder field. I would not recommend taking pets nor small children up to the boulders.

View from across Devil's Marble Yard

Follow the Blue Blazes

Follow the blue blazes until the Belfast trail ends and then continue following the trail provided to the right. The mile to  Devil’s Marble Yard is a steady uphill climb.

Once you arrive at the boulder yard, take a moment to select your route of choice and begin your ascent up Devil’s Marble Yard!

In addition, there is no path up the rocks. I suggest just keep climbing up and up! there is a tree line at the top so you will not be getting lost in the marble yard I can assure you!

At the tree line, there are a few campsites that you may want to either set up camp or enjoy a snack at the site.

View from across Devil's Marble Yard

Take Caution while climbing Devil’s Marble Yard!

Take caution as you ascend up each boulder! Some of the boulders are loose and will cause you to lose your footing. In addition, many of the boulders will have you transfer yourself over to other boulders that have major 25-50 foot crevasses between them. Be careful!

Furthermore, make sure you glance up the boulder field ever so often, boulders have been known to become loose and tumble down the yard.

If you keep your route towards the middle of Devil’s Marble Yard, you may be lucky enough to find one of the few caves that are hidden within the yard.

Conquering Devil's Marble Yard

So after you beasted your way up Devil’s Marble Yard, you may be wondering how you will descend, right?

You are in luck my friend, there is a small, extremely steep and narrow path down the left side (from the top of the marble yard). This path will lead you along the boulders and down to where you started.

Now let’s talk food and directions!

If you are looking for a place to pig out at after your tough day at the marble yard, consider checking out the Pink Cadillac, a local favorite. They are located right off of I-81, Exit 180-A. Follow the signs until you see the Pink Cadillac outside.

From the Roanoke area: I81, exit 175 to Natural Bridge/Rt. 11. turn right onto Rt. 130E. then turn onto 759, after you spot Glenwood Iron Furnace on the left, turn onto 781, the parking lot is little ways down on the left. Very small parking lot.

Not sure what to bring along your journey to Devil’s Marble Yard? Check out our post on Affordable travel Gear.

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