High Rocks Sunset Hike

Haven’t you always wanted a super cool view of the Virginia sunset looking over valleys and mountains? High Rocks in Wytheville offers one of the coolest and least travelled spots for amazing views and gorgeous sunsets. All the pictures in this post are from the one time we have visited.

Sunset on High Rocks

Hailey and I made our way to High Rocks early December 2017, but I already know we’ll be back in the spring and possibly fall because of the abundant wildflowers that are all along the trail. We didn’t see any because of how cold it is in December, but that just means we have a great excuse to come back!

Hailey on High Rocks

Now, let me say that the directions for getting to High Rocks are not all that reliable if you’re getting there using a maps app such as Google Maps or even Apple’s Maps app. I wouldn’t trust any of those as they won’t take you there correctly.

Andrew on High Rocks

Directions to High Rocks

  • From Wytheville at the intersection of 4th Street and Main Street, head on South 4th Street
  • Go through one traffic light and you’ll come to a stop sign
  • Turn right onto Calhoun Street
  • Then immediately turn left onto Reed Creek Mill Road (Google Maps will say S 6th St)
  • Go over the train tracks, but KEEP TO THE RIGHT to stay on Reed Creek Mill Road
  • You’ll go about a mile and then you’ll come to State Route 640 which is also Whippoorwill Road
  • Travel on that curvy road about 2 miles and turn right on the gravel Broadway Road to stay on 640
  • Go another mile or so on Broadway until you reach the small High Rocks parking lot with the Kiosk

Sunset on High Rocks

Hiking the High Rocks

  • From the parking lot you’ll see two boulders where the trail starts
  • Bear left as the path soon diverges
  • This path will descend slightly, paralleling a grassy road
  • Once the High Rocks trail starts to ascend, it will be steep and rocky
  • It’ll level off a couple times, but mostly you’ll follow a dried up rocky stream, so make sure you wear proper hiking boots. Tennis shoes can be uncomfortable because of the sharp and loose rocks
  • The trail will get really steep at one point which will level off again right as you get close to the top
  • It’ll then meander through the woods finally meeting up with a blue marked trail. Keep left to stay on the High Rocks trail
  • You’ll know you’ve reached the top when you see a stone memorial bench
  • High Rocks sunset view will be best from the rocks to the left of the bench which you’ll need to climb to view

Tree Branches on High Rocks

What to Bring to High Rocks

  • Definitely a camera! A DSLR if you have one, but a phone won’t quite get the detail you’ll want. A GoPro will be great!
  • A bottle of water and a protein bar
  • Your favorite travel companion / hiking buddy
  • Hiking boots / shoes, the trail is rocky and can be slippery especially on the descent

So go out there and enjoy one of the secret sunset hikes in Virginia! You will not be disappointed on the trail up to High Rocks.

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