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Where it all began.

Watching the sun flash over the tree and suddenly disappear and flash over the tree and disappear again, I knew, even as a small kid, that life is supposed to be exciting….even though, I was only on my swing-set in the backyard in Virginia.

I grew up in a town with literally no stoplight.

We knew everyone and everyone knew us.

How did my traveling begin? 

My traveling started early on in life and heartbreak soon occurred early in my travel years
as a kid….by visiting Graceland and realizing that Elvis was actually no longer alive.

This was a devastating moment as a kid. I grew up rocking out in my room for hours pretending to sing his songs on stage. I used a wooden baseball bat, as a mic stand, propped up on my parent’s office chair.

Now….I know you are all DYING to know, who in the world did you get to be your backup singer!? My sister Carly nonetheless. Our tours (more like playroom performances) were sold out, frequently. In addition, we even had a disco ball so…. I would say we were a pretty legit band. I still play guitar and sing….be on the lookout for a song here and there!

Homeschooling enticed me to travel and see the world!

I was not homeschooled all of my life however, I wanted more of a challenge academically and to experience the world around me.

More mountains, please!

I was able to take so many day trips with my mom and sister.
We explored the mountains, cities, parks, and lakes around the house as much as we could.

Notably, the mountains of Virginia provide so many different adventures!
Many people have taken this part of the country for granted.
The rolling hills, with mist on them early in the morning, with a cup of tea in your hand….ahhh yes, life doesn’t get much better than that!

From early on, my life was engulfed in making the most out of a day, as you can,
and finding frugal ways to make memories.

All grown-up…

Post-college years, I have been using my honors degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology (making my parents proud…. for all the money I spent on my degrees….oh boy).

I work for one of the world’s top leading banking institution as a Financial Crimes Analyst. My job as an analyst can be very tasking and stressful. I format, write, and create procedures on how to handle cases and different aspects of the company for the institution. I’m also a technical writer for the more “behind the scenes” work on building the procedures into the institution’s platform.

Being in an office environment does pay the bills, but traveling and this blog are what makes me excited about the future and all that we can share with you.

We all have a burning passion within us that is trying to escape and become a reality. This is my passion and what I live for.

Traveling is my passion.

It has been a work in progress, but all things worth having do not come easily!

Hey hey!

Where it all started. 

Andrew here. You know, ever since I was a little kid, I can remember how excited I was when I woke up on the day my family was going on a vacation or a sudden trip somewhere. Rushing around trying to pack my favorite toys and snacks, eager to get outside and do something different, try new food, ride in the van stuffed with pillows and bikes, ready to explore!

I was born in Alabama, but grew up my whole life pretty much in one house on one street in one city…you get the picture.

Pretty monotonous and felt much like a bubble.

Not that I would rather have been packing up and moving every couple years, but it did make traveling so much fun just to get outside of my comfort zone and explore something new or return to a family favorite

Growing up on one street, you get to know all the neighborhood kids and the neighborhoods surrounding you. We’d do all the typical kid things back when riding bikes in our “bike gangs” and exploring the woods shooting bb guns at golf balls and soda cans were the cool things to do.

Get dirty and explore.

Having friends that would rather get dirty and explore, than sitting on a chair playing video games was my kind of fun and we did a lot of it! Sometimes making me late for dinner because I lost track of the time…

I never went to school…..just kidding

Being schooled all my life in one house had its ups and downs, but it did give me more time to climb trees and yearn to see what was beyond the horizon.

After high school, going to college was the biggest change in my life and I moved to Florida where I stayed 4 years pursuing my interests in Media Production and Graphic Design.

Side hustling

During the first couple summers, I worked on the school campus on the phones as a customer service representative for a textbook company. That was boring.

I had to travel. So….I did. I traveled for two summers as a vocalist in a men’s quartet for the school exploring pretty much the whole United States besides New England and a few states in the midwest.

After that, I moved to Roanoke, Virginia, where I met the love of my life and got married and decided that combining our best skills together, we could make traveling, blogging, and media all work together!


CHECK THIS OUT! Now here is how our travel and financial background can propel YOU forward!

I have learned so much from my experiences in the workforce and from my “street smarts”
that I wanted to share all of my travel tips, tricks, travel hacks, places I go, things I recommend, and travel itineraries.

I get asked all the time to share my travel guides.
I want to make this available to you through this blog and website.
You are going to be empowered with the right tools to travel and
explore on the weekends, and thought the year.

Traveling does not have to be a scary process to plan or follow through with.

Traveling is affordable. Keep following us to learn our tricks and soon trust yourself to get out and go!

Take on your own journey! Simply try out some of our tips and suggestions.

Traveling does not mean staying at every 5-star hotel that is an ocean-front resort.
However, I did enjoy the ONE, that is right…the ONE that I stayed in over in England (it was my honeymoon and for only ONE night).

a little disclaimer here….I found an amazing deal for this hotel
and it was under $120 for a 5-star stay!

I’ll share all my tips with you on how to find deals like that.

Moreover, we want YOU to see for yourself just how easy it is to travel more
and get rid of some stress.
Okay, Okay that last point about stress was mainly for me….
BUT if you feel the same way, what are you waiting for!?

The reason I want to start this website and blog is to get YOU out traveling!
It truly saddens me when people believe they are unable to travel,
but yet they spend so much money on clothes, fast food, etc.
You will be empowered with the right tools HERE to go experience more.

Never think that traveling is beyond your budget or knowledge.

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