Tucked away deep in the West Virginia mountains, lies this 110-acre state park, called Beartown State Park, that thrives on mystery, stillness, and a chance to discover yourself. The name Beartown came from the locals, that thought the cave and rock structures provided the perfect winter home for bears in the area.

Boardwalk in Beartown State Park

My first visit to Beartown State Park came from researching hours upon hours to find something completely different, unique, and merely a hidden gem. I didn’t think I was going to really find anything, let alone something as special as Beartown.

Boardwalk in Beartown State Park

My intention when finding a hidden gem is to uncover new places, untouched land, and a place where you can truly feel nature conversing with you.

You never know what other kinds of hidden gems you might find along the way.

hidden gems in Beartown State Park

The trail parking lot is small and has spaces for roughly 6 or 7 cars. There are picnic tables and a small information kiosk on what your journey will hold along the half-mile boardwalk.

We did see another family enjoying the park’s beauty during our time here.

We took our time through the park and spent roughly an hour and a half just exploring and taking many photos along the way.

talking a stroll along the boardwalk in Beartown State Park

The walk is suitable for all ages and has stairs along the way. Take the stairs easy and walk slow so nature can relieve all it has to offer during your stay.

The deep crevasses, large boulders, ferns, and the beautiful green moss make this places magical and like a fairytale.

talking a stroll along the boardwalk in Beartown State Park

The park’s boulders are made of Droop or Pottsville Sandstone.

The conservation efforts within Beartown State Park has kept the development minimal in order to preserve as much of the geological processes that are ongoing.

Be cautious on the boardwalk it can be a little slippery in some places due to how shady it is in the park.

talking a stroll along the boardwalk in Beartown State Park

I can’t wait for another visit here soon.

Will you be putting this place on your bucket list of hikes?


Tips for Visiting Beartown State Park:

  • Open from April – October.
  • No camping allowed in Beartown, but there are camping options at nearby Watoga State Park.
  • There are no entrance or admission fees.
  • There are informational markers along the walk for educational purposes.
  • Restrooms are located at the trailhead.
  • Located at: 4800 Watoga Park RdMarlinton, WV 24954



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