Step back in time to a land that is almost completely untouched by the human hand – Wastwater.

Wastwater is England’s deepest lake and is 3 miles long and half a mile wide.

Dramatic valleys, rock outcroppings, lush greenery, and wild animals, this is the place to escape from the hustle and bustle. Farmlands and cottages paint the countryside in a fabulous view, even from the car!

Wastwater exploring

Wastwater exploring

Pullover and explore Wastwater

With plenty of pull-offs to park your car, around the lake, you will be able to easily explore the lake and the surrounding scenery.

You may find a sweet smell swirling through the air from the wildflowers throughout Wastwater.

Driving through the Lake District

Driving through the Lake District

One of my favorite aspects of driving along the side of the lake was the rock walls that lined the road. The rock walls added so much to the beauty and history of the area.

Enjoying the Scenery of Wastwater

Enjoying the Scenery of Wastwater

Fuel Up before heading to Wastwater!

Remember to fuel up before you head into the national park. Due to there being very few places to stop and many miles to go, we learned our lesson to always be prepared.

As a result, of being hard-headed sometimes, we almost ran out of gas in the park and had to stop into a couple of lodges to ask for directions to the nearest gas station. Talk about getting anxious, we were a bit nervous, to say the least.

Wastwater Lake

Picnicking at Wastwater

Walking here is easy and exciting around the lake, with hours worth of exploring to be had.

Especially relevant, plan to pack a picnic to enjoy by the water! You will easily be able to find a spot away from the others who are also enjoying the lake. The lake is nice and spacious with plenty of places to spread a blanket and grab a bite to eat.

Exploring Wastwater

There are so many hidden gems around Wastewater. Hence, keep exploring and maybe you will find this beautiful gate and path down to the lake.

Check out the photo below, this is one of my favorite spots in England. The mystery and liveliness of the scenery spoke to me in such a spiritual way. After this photo was captured, I paused for several minutes to let the scenery sink in and be present in the moment.

So many times we fly through each moment in life and don’t really realize what a special moment we are experiencing before our very eyes.

Secret Garden in Wastwater

Secret Garden in Wastwater

PACK LIST and Final Trip Tips

  • Fuel up the car before heading to the park
  • There are no toilets easily accessible near the lake.
  • Watch for the roaming sheep and narrow roads
  • water
  • snacks
  • Camera
  • chairs
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen 

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Wastwater England Guide

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